Sorry, I’ve been out for awhile, but I been playin!

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Yah, I quit blogging and went hardcore to levelling. Now I’m 80, and in a lvl 80 raiding guild.

Some of the blogosphere was a little right about the game missing some 50-80 content, which is only about half right. While they certainly are missing some content, after I hit 80 I noticed that a lot of the quests I was completing just by camping gear in Onyx (think, Lower Guk) was giving out massive xp. I saw a lot of people doing the last 70-80 grind in Onyx, and don’t forget that lvl 80 people CAN mentor you up to 79 and you can do the first 2 levels of the dungeon without a full group of 80s. (I don’t recommend the 3rd level though, I still get raped there)

My housemate quit playing though, probably because he thinks F-com nerfed the crap out of his Barbarian. I personally think he thought his Barbarian was one thing, when it really was another.

I’m not sure really, but it seems like the barbarian should be an aoe dps class. In reality, it seems like Barbarians fare better as a CC melee class, disabling or stunning monsters while doing about the same dmg as a Warrior that is Pole-Arm specced (which isn’t too shabby dps)


So, I’ve been also working on using a 2 Wiimotes to play Age of Conan. If you want, check out my other blog that I update more often at


After guild hopping to a few different guilds, I finally found one that actually had 40-50 members online that are lvl 80. They raid a few nights a week, and I’ve already gotten my Vistrix cloak from killing the Dragon/Demon, and I’m also flagged for Tier 2 raids in the Citadel of the Black Ring (I think). The visuals of the raid monsters was fairly impressive, Vistrix flies in from a hole in the ceiling in a snow covered cave.


Just thinking about it, in all EQ, did I ever see a dragon actually fly? Or just stand in one place breathing fire/ice/electricity/poison/puppies and occasionally swiping his claws. It was cool that they added that little bit there with him flying in.


With that being said, let the pics commence!!

(once I upload them to Flickr)











To Stygia, and back, and then to Stygia again…

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Yeah, so I had some fun in Stygia, killed some statues that came to life, set a topless girl free, killed a demon (but got no credit for it), got a horsie, and a shield that doubles as a surfboard.


Oh yeah, and I’m lvl 52.


Yes, I’ve been a busy boy, but that is what happens when you aren’t having people visit you every friggin weekend because they miss you… that’s not in reference to anyone specific or anything…


Also, I bought and watched BOTH Conan movies, and they’re not too shabby!


Commence the pics!


The evil statue guy, and me smacking him.


Just a pic I thought was cool.


Oh noes! Someone lost a head!



And with that done…I’m out~!

And the adventure continues!

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So as I slowly crawl closer and closer to 50, I decided to switch things up and check out Stygia for a while. Stygia is a desert land, fairly reminiscent of ancient Egypt or Persia.

AoCWiki describes Stygia as:


The desert kingdom of Stygia, possibly the most infamous nation in the Hyborian mainland, is the birthplace, home, and wellspring of the Priesthood of Set the serpent god of darkness. The entire kingdom is ruled by the clergy, with the closest devotee or disciple of Set having the single most influential hand throughout the Stygian territory. From the coast of the Western Sea to the shores of the River Styx, the power of Set’s snake-worshipping acolytes is supreme.



And that is pretty accurate I’d say. So, until I put up my new Screenshots of Stygia, I will relay some pretty pictures I took while in Aquilonia and Cimmeria (my homeland). There should be some new pictures of my horse, since I’m now 40 and I’m saving my 3 gold I need for it.


Without further ado, here is my gallery:


Thules by Cimmeria

Just a frontal pic taken in Cimmeria, outside the starting city.


The path to Old Tarantia

Talking to a guy who takes me to Old Tarantia in Aquilonia.


Running around Old Tarantia

Running around Old Tarantia.


Ready for combat!

Ready for a fight….


mmmmmm....tasty frogs

Frog is a common dish in Old Tarantia, it turns out.


Off goes his head!

Beheading the kidnapper of Princess, the dog you see on the pedestal.


Shunnnn the non-believer! Shuuuuuuu-nnnnn

Looks like someone got in trouble!


Damn Alchies

Those alcoholic nobles, and the women that adore them….



Local necromancer, and his posse.

Ok, so that is it for now. Maybe I’ll post my Stygia pics later.


It’s been a while…

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Uh ohs

Uh ohs

Yeah, and does anyone wonder why? Well I’ll tell you…


I bought Age of Conan….


The game freakin rocks, and I’m not going to repeat a post I posted somewhere else so it’s time for a little copy-paste action.


Reasons I love it so far:

1.) Combat System
2.) Shiny Graphics
3.) Immersion (not sure if this is something you can pinpoint)

Let’s just say, being in my room, with 7.1 Surround, a 47″ HDTV, graphics on full, and the lights off, it’s one of the first times I FEEL like I’m in ‘the world’ the second I sit down.

Then again, I’m coming from Everquest 1 lol, and I was able to immerse myself in that world with it’s buggy content and shitty graphics for 6 years.

The reason I switched to WoW was because there are just MORE people in it, it’s more social, but the cartoony shit and the rounded lumps that they try to pass as mountains I could do without.

This is one of the first games that when I play, my dog sits on the couch and watches it. He freaks out when he hears wolves behind us, and woofs protectively to warn me sometimes, which is hilarious.

I mean, I’m not sure if it gets really bad/buggy at later levels, but I can’t imagine it being as FUBAR as Everquest is, and I can’t imagine it getting any less immersive. Some of the quests are annoying, but I can see them tweaking that no prob.

Also, I noticed that I’m getting new fatalities at higher levels. It’s really surprising, like most games you attack a mob and watch it’s health go down….with AoC I barely ever pay attention to it’s health, I’m too busy countering moves, dodging, guarding, using combos, and then all-of-a-sudden I do this little turn-around move and lop of this guy’s head!

It’s a nice surprise, and much better than just Mob_A execute Death_Animation_002

Also, the demon’s are scary as shit, necro players run around with these armies of corpses padding alongside them, which are pretty disgusting looking.

Gross...and shiny

Gross...and shiny


When you attack monsters, or people, or whatever, blood draws from every hit. And when you rest after a long fight, your character leans over to catch his breath, stretches, does a little mini-warmup…. all while you’re getting your health/stamina back (although it is funny watch a group of people go through these animations after a fight, it looks like a workout video)




Oh, and when you are walking, the ground… you walk on snow, you hear it, boards … you hear it, grass goes crunch under your feet, and gravel makes this little grinding noise. There are sooooo many sounds of what you are walking on.

Hmmm, the mountains…look strikingly real, with snow on the top.

mmm shiny snow capped mountains

 And another big thing, as the sun moves, the shadows move. I have seen the sun fall behind a mountain, and watched the shadow envelope my character. It’s simply amazing.

Of course, I’m sure you’ve also heard people go on about the water. It Looks Real. Like REALLY real. I don’t know how to explain it, but rivers move, and collide, and you can SEE the current. Swimming underwater is kind of annoying though. But also there are like TONS of different water styles, and when you go swimming the water moves around your body.

Ok, gonna stop there, but seriously you should try it if you have a system that can handle it. It definitely is more interactive, and you can’t sit there and play with a beer in your hand unless you are running straight for a while in a ‘safe’ area, and forget doing anything else while you are in combat. I’m interested to see what raids are like later.

Give me a hollar, I’m Thules on Thog (yes I play PVE because PVP servers are freakin annoying, and there are a lot of PVP zones even on PVE servers)

oh snap, poppa’s got a brand new bag

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That’s right ladies and gents:


Not only did I reach 66, and get half-way to 67 last night with some new Add-ons (I’ll go into my Add-on review on a later date) but earlier this week I ordered some upgrades to my compy!











The upgrade in memory speed itself should be amazing, let alone the processor/motherboard upgrade, and the possibility of going SLI as well. This should be what I need to run AoC at a decent level (might need to get a new video card in a little bit).


Also, last night I was running an instance with some guys, and some shoulders dropped that were blue. Everybody went ‘pass’ and I thought it was an upgrade for me, so I asked first if it was ok, and then went ‘need’


After the instance was done, two of the toons started bitching at me and sending me random /whispers about how I was a shitty tank and a loot whore…..


Seriously? I told them that next time maybe they should be a bit more constructive with their criticism and help me out DURING the instance instead of bitching about it like children afterwards. If people have an issue with what someone does, then you should get some balls and speak up. It’s funny thinking that some evil blood elf lvl 70 hunter can’t grow a pair and speak his mind in front of people. Either way, I put them on a big fat IGNORE stamp, but THEN he proceeded to log on HIS ALTS and continue to spam me. Seriously?  Coming from EQ, that is ridiculous, and childish. Ok I’m done bitching. Oh, and I got new shoulders and a new 2h 🙂 hah!


Tonight I’m putting together the new computer, and checking out how smooth it runs, wish me luck!



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It’s taking me FOR-EVER to get to 66, and my housemate said it would only get worse.


Good news is, I got my replacement video card (yay!)


Bad news is, I’ve been goofing around with Addons and new UI, and I can’t find a good mix of CURRENT/UPDATED addons for a warrior. Why is this so difficult.


I tried X-Perl, but that 3d character icon thing lags me out to no end. The quest helper is awesome, and the new cartographer that works like google maps is REALLY cool and intuitive. Now if I could find a nice one for my hotkeys, life would be heaven. I’ll SS my setup when I get a chance and post it here.


My brother is thinking of playing again, he has a 70 Tauren Warrior (lol yes I know) on my server, but he is thinking of going PVE. I might consider xferring to a PVE server, if it’s one that some of my new DC friends’ play on. That might be kind of fun, a group of RL people who guild/group together in WoW. Plus he knows much more about the game than I do.

Thursday night

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Actually made an alt on Skywall because one of my friends is there, and I wanted to goof around and say hi. I have the option if I want of playing my housemates totally geared, epic, 70 Night Elf Rogue…. and I’m considering it. Plus I can transfer him to any non PVE server I want.


Since I’ve basically lvl’d one toon up to 70 (ok, 65, but close!) I’m not sure if I want to play a toon that I didn’t lvl up. I feel like it would ruin the experience, but I’ve never done it before so who knows. Granted he hasn’t gotten Sunwell raid gear, but he could easily join a guild doing current content.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I think I might miss my Tauren 😦 if I changed toons.